Field Ground

Ice Cube Gallery, Denver, CO

24 ft x 12 ft (variable)

Field Ground is a collaborative work between myself and Sandy Lane that explores identity through memory and sense of place. As artists with shared background and interests but very different life-experiences and work, Sandy and I are interested in exploring the potential of collective imagination to bring ideas and people together. We have created drawings and prints that reflect both an intimate and distanced view of our personal memories. The two-dimensional imagery suspends horizontally within a floating grid, which literally reflects onto graphite resin pools contained in maple boxes. The containers placed on the floor mirror the hovering grid formation. A distance between the two structures simulates fleeting and distorted memories. The installation also emulates landscape, which appears in many forms throughout our individual interests in art making. The imagery in this piece is interchangeable. We are interested in bringing the structure into various communities and allowing the imagery to be created by that community alongside our own.